Abortion. It's a Black and White issue.

Abortion. It's a Black and White Issue. was independently created by Grace and Eden in 2019. It has been designed to specifically provide an anti-abortion safe space, highlight the blunt atrocities of the abortion industry, challenge those who actively advocate for abortion and help people realise that abortion, is black and white.

Grace Browne

We live in a society that sugar-coats abortion with catchy slogans and euphemisms and rhetoric. It uses those slogans as a shield to protect against the brutal reality of abortion, and never meet it face to face. It’s time to strip back the disguise and face the reality. Abortion kills.

I am a link in the chain proudly abolishing abortion.

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Eden Linton

Living in a society that constantly preaches equality and tolerance, it is a highly hypocritical stance to be pro-abortion. Abortion is the enemy of equality and the total opposite of tolerance. I want to end the hypocrisy. I want to end abortion.

I am passionately pro-woman and unapologetically anti-abortion.

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