Bro-choicers, misogyny and abortion.

The term “bro-choice” has recently been floating about the anti-abortion movement. It is used to describe a big ole beta male, who vocally advocates for the killing of humans through abortion, and deems himself somewhat of an ‘ally’ to the abortion industry. These men often appear to aggressively (online anyway) advocate for reproductive rights and social justice for females…except unborn ones of course.

I mean, just when you think that the pro-abortion community couldn’t possibly become more inconsistent, they now have a posse of angry boys screaming “no uterus, no opinion” – whilst asserting their opinion on women with uteruses….and they say men can’t multi-task.

Bro-choicers are present now more than ever - they come repulsively crawling out of the woodwork to put on their fake-feminist pants and stand up for a “woman’s right to choose” to kill her child. We will never forget the cringeworthy sight witnessed at the 2019 UK March for Life: a male protestor was standing, brandishing a sign which read : No Womb, No Opinion. You can imagine how hard we were LOLing! There; a man...with no womb...and therefore no opinion...asserting his opinion...on women....with wombs!!!!! The hypocrisy was ludicrous.

We also see bro-choicers awkwardly trying to exert their beliefs about killing humans online. Through this, they are determined to whip out rhetoric such as “anti-woman”, normally directed at anti-abortion women who have the audacity to defend all women – including our future women in the womb.

But let's look at the facts shall we? The abortion industry in general is deeply rooted in misogyny. It has always dictated that:

  • A. a woman cannot be equal to a man without killing her child.

  • B. one of the greatest manifestations of our femininity (having children) is a weakness and should be viewed with contempt.

  • C. women are not capable or strong enough to be mothers and be successful.

All of course are simply untrue and insanely sexist. #NotMyFeminism Not to mention that the UK’s 1967 Abortion Act which enables such misogynistic attitudes, was legalised...wait for it...BY MEN! Shocker right?!

Abortion is a way for misogynists to use and abuse women in the knowledge they will not need to bear any further responsibility or commitment to her (and their possible unborn child). And bro-choicers are not exempt from these attitudes. Self-identifying as an ‘ally to women’ is simply a way to cover their tracks of misogyny.

However, the only thing worse than a self-proclaimed bro-choicer is a man who sits on the fence, twiddling his thumbs and refusing to acknowledge abortion as the greatest human rights issue of our time. Abortion is not a topic to stay silent on. Abortion is not a topic ‘exclusive for those owning a uterus’. Abortion is an ethical issue, a human rights issue: topical for all humans regardless of sex. It’s time for the silent men of our society to grow a spine, stand up and speak out for the lives of our innocent children. It’s time for the bro-choicers to take off the fake feminist pants and acknowledge not only their hypocrisy, but just WHO their hypocrisy is killing and harming. It's really that black and white.

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