Exist loudly in the anti-abortion movement.

The intolerance and dislike of pro-life organisations, groups and people across the UK has intensified. Despite being shrouded in media silence, pro-life people have been physically and verbally abused throughout the years, precisely because they deem it wrong to dismember humans. Just last March, three pro-life people had their belongings destroyed by a hysterical pro-abort man whilst he smashed chairs and hurled verbal obscenities at them. In the same month, pro-life people in Nottingham, two women and a man, had liquids thrown over them, leaving the women visibly distressed. Since then increased verbal and physical aggression and violence has been spewed by abortion advocates towards people invested in the simple mission of achieving equality for all human beings.

Being anti-abortion may cause you to experience social judgement and criticism. It could isolate you from friends or even cause family rifts; but to be anti-abortion is to be on the right side of history. The abortion propaganda that burdens the UK may try and persuade you differently BUT there is a wrong and there is a right. Abortion ends innocent human life, it is inherently wrong. Being anti-abortion means that you can see the truth - a truth that not many people want to acknowledge. It means that you can stand without being swept away by popular culture like so many are, and it means you can set your mind apart from the ideological indoctrination that festers so deeply within our media, our governments and the entertainment business. It means also, that you may stand alone.

Bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Throughout the centuries, countless people have died at the hands of persecution for their beliefs. In 1943, 21 year old woman Sophie Scholl was beheaded by the Nazi party for spreading anti-Nazi propaganda within a university. She was also a member of the White Rose Nazi resistance group. Sophie knew her actions could subsequently lead to her death, but looking oppression in the face and defying, it she did it anyway.

To be anti-abortion in the UK in 2020, is not to face your death. But it is still to see death as the first and last enemy. It is to still look oppression in the face and carry on, despite the consequences. Standing up in defence of the pro-life message will not cause death. It will cause ridicule, criticism, isolation and judgement. Those like Sophie Scholl died for their beliefs. We in no way ask you to die for your beliefs. What you can do however, is proudly put one foot in front of the other and carry on. Cast off the fear of criticism and unashamedly tell society what you think and why you think it. Defend your views and defend those who cannot defend themselves. Because if not you, then who else will?

"A wolf doesn't concern herself with the opinion of sheep."

Being part of the anti-abortion movement is not easy but we encourage you not to be discreet...society will continue to hate you all the same. We encourage you to be proudly pro-life, be unashamedly anti-abortion and exist loudly while you do it!...because we all know abortion is a black and white issue.

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