Let's face it: it's not your body, it's not your choice.

Despite living in the 21st century, a time triumphing in scientific development and knowledge, there are still those who prefer to worship feeling over fact and convenience over evidence. You guessed it, pro-aborts! Since the late 60’s the dreary one-line rhetoric of ‘my body my choice’ has festered within society. It illustrates everything wrong with the pro-abortion movement, in that it defies all basic understanding of logic and science and instead worships convenience and want. Time has progressed since the 60’s. Science and technology has progressed alongside it. It is those ‘pro-choicers’ along with their ancient ‘my body my choice’ rhetoric who have been left behind, as they refuse to accept science or facts, and cling to their medieval ideology.

The slogan’s success has survived over the decades on one simple fact; it’s catchy. But the problem is: it is void of substance or meaning. Let’s face it; it’s not your body, it’s not your choice. The slogan itself is nothing except a sugar-coated rhetoric that cushions us all from the reality; abortion is killing. Within the embryological and scientific fields, there is little to no debate surrounding the question of when human life begins; we know that human life begins at conception. This is not a matter of opinion or ‘personal truth’, it is a black and white fact. From the moment of conception a unique human life equipped with it’s own DNA comes into existence. Within the embryological field, human life is identified and confirmed if it meets at-least two out of three of the following criteria:

  • Responds to stimuli

  • Cellular reproduction

  • Metabolising

These three traits are used to define life. It is the belief of an embryologist that providing at-least two of these criteria are present-human life is present. Unborn human life meets the criteria. When pregnant, a woman does not have four arms or four legs. She does not have two hearts, two blood types or two sets of DNA. Those qualities belong to the separate unborn human being which resides within her. To have an abortion, aborts no part of a woman’s body. It violently destroys the body of someone else. The unborn human does reside WITHIN the body of the woman- however it is not THE body of the woman. Before a certain point of viability, the unborn child is supported by the body and life of the Mother- this is undeniable, yet it is still not a justified argument to procure an abortion. Many humans are dependent on the lives and resources of others. This does not give us the right to kill them. An new-born baby, if breast-feeding, relies on the body and support of the mother- without which the baby would die- this does not give us permission to kill that human. Those with disability may rely on the support and resources of others- without which they would die- this does not give us permission to kill that human. An elderly person may rely on the support and resources of others-without which they would die-this does not give us the right to kill that human.

Our right to life is not based on our strength, independence or vulnerability. Every human is entitled to the basic right to life, regardless of age, development or ability. If anything, an unborn human within the womb of the Mother is entitled to even more protection and even more support due to their state of dependence and vulnerability, as this is what civilised societies do; they protect their weakest. When we strip back the slogans and the euphemisms and the rhetoric, and dissolve all those tactics used to sweeten and sugar-coat what abortion truly is; we can face the reality. The reality of what we have done to the weakest amongst us, of what we continue to do and who is truly suffering at our hands. No matter how harsh that reality is, it has to be faced. Abortion is killing. Abortion is injustice. It’s a black and white issue.

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