Pregnancy, forced organ donation and all that jazz.

Recently, we have seen a rise in pro-aborts using the example of organ donation to try and "catch us anti-abortion activists out" by declaring pregnancy is forced organ donation so wE mUsT bE pRo FoRcEd OrGaN dOnAtIoN. Well guess what? We don’t need to agree with forced organ donation in order to believe that abortion is wrong. There are just sooo many flaws with this let’s break it down.

We'll start with the basics: the womb is a weird and wonderful place. The womb is the initial carrier of all life. It is the organ in the lower body of a woman or female mammal, where offspring are conceived and in which they gestate (develop over a long period) before birth. It is also known as the uterus. The natural, biological design and purpose of the womb is to carry the offspring placed there by two adults who participated in the only natural activity two humans can engage in that has the possibility of creating another human life. There’s an issue with pregnancy being compared to an organ or tissue donation, when it is nothing alike...

A pregnant woman doesn’t donate her womb to her unborn child as the womb is naturally and biologically designed solely to house and carry an unborn child. To say that it is donated to the unborn child is the same as saying a women’s vagina is donated to a man during intercourse or a nursing mother’s breasts are donated to her breastfeeding child. Neither does a pregnant woman make a tissue donation of her endometrial lining (which would otherwise be discarded during menstruation) to the unborn child, as this is literally the intended use of the endometrium.

An organ used as nature intended it to be used by another human being does not constitute a donation - when pregnant, the bodily systems of a woman work together to provide nutrition and shelter for her unborn child - this is not "donation"; to claim that it is makes no more sense than claiming that the use of a woman’s body to provide nutrition and shelter for her born children is the same as organ donatio